Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Singapore Photos

They're up and ready for viewing!

Also, we can snap photos faster than street food runs through your system, but posting them to our photos page is another story. It's not that we're lazy, it's just that we have been trying to caption all of them so that we can someday in the future remember what the heck it is we took a picture of.

That being said, here's some help to actually see what those captions are. As we're not technically "captioning" the photos, rather changing the file names with our descriptions, you have to tell Picasa to show you those file name descriptions. So here's how:

When you go to our photos page (link, of course, to the right), click on an album and click on the first thumbnail. Don't choose a slide show. On the right of the screen it will show you some technical info about the photo (when it was taken, size, etc...) and under that is a link called "more info". If you click on that, more info about the photo will appear including the descriptive file name.

Hopefully this will lend a bit of context to the jillions of photos we have posted. That is the one thing about digital cameras with large memory cards - you can just snap away and not worry about editing out bad or repetitive photos. So thanks for bearing with us as you browse.

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