Friday, March 6, 2009

Becoming a Camel

I have to say, now that constantly sweating has become a normal part of everyday life, it's proven to be quite a convenience for me. At home I pee non-stop, at least several times an hour, up to as much as every five minutes. No joke. I drink a LOT of water. Here, I think I'm drinking about the same amount, but I hardly ever have to pee! No more desperate searches for a public toilet, or being forced to buy something I don't need in exchange for bathroom privileges. No more fearful dread as I precariously perch above a squat toilet, or the unnatural girl's version of the “shake” at the end because toilet paper is most certainly not provided. Nope, I just sweat it out now and it makes life much simpler! But....waaaaaait.....does that mean I'm sweating urine??

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