Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another great conversation

So over the past few months we've had several conversations about how we think we're kind of getting dumber. Ya know, we're really not using the hard working, thinking parts of our brain all that much these days. But topics come up in conversations that seem like things that should be no-brainers. When exactly is Thanksgiving? What's a galaxy? What's the time difference to Portland again? (This happens very often.) Here's another prime example. I love this one...

Scene: Walking the streets of Damme, Belgium, a small town north of Brugge.

Courtney: I know people from France are French and people from Holland are Dutch, but what are people from Belgium called? Belgish? Belch?

Jeremy: (wearing a solid WTF look) Ummm... Belgian, maybe?

Laughter ensues. Twice now this has happened. I was wildly entertained the first time, so you can imagine my delight when it came up again.

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Eleissa said...

I wish this blog had a 'like' button I could punch. Would have done that here...