Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just so you're not confused...

Yes, the blog posting has been, how do you say... inconsistent? I guess that's appropriate. So in an effort to alleviate any confusion, here's a bit of a recap of the trip so far. I think we blogged pretty well up through Malaysia or so, but then it went doooooooown hill. Anyhoo...

What you probably know:
New Zealand for 6 weeks (probably our favorite so far)
Australia for 6 weeks (possibly our least favorite so far)
Bali for 3 weeks or so (loved it, wished we had more time)
Singapore for a little under a week (another big city)
Malaysia for about 3 weeks (loved it too, wished we had more time)

What you probably don't know:
Vietnam for 2 weeks (loved it, can't wait to get back, damn you expired visa!)
Cambodia for 3 weeks (super hot, super temples, and our first real "hitting a wall with travelling" experience)
Back to Vietnam for 5 more weeks (loved it again, but could have done with one less week)
China for a 1 1/2 weeks (amazing - stayed with Murphy at her place in Guangzhou the entire time - sooooooooo needed this)
London for 1 week (enchanting)

And now we've been bouncing around Holland, France, Belgium, back to Holland and soon to France again since early May. You'll actually be able to read about all this though. Promise.

Selfie update: Cruising around on our new bikes in the de Hoge Veluwe National Park outside of Arnhem, Holland.

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