Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bye Bye Bush!

WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! Way to go, America! The good ol' US of A got it right this time and no blatant cheating took place this time (as far as we know)! We'd just checked into a little hotel in Hokitika, got settled, and turned on the TV to see Obama giving his acceptance speech live from Chicago. We're so excited and celebrating at the bar downstairs with a jug of the local brew. It will be intriguing to chat it up with other travelers now that we know the outcome. The overwhelming consensus so far has been that the rest of the world was rooting for Obama as well, so many parts of the globe are probably breathing a sigh of relief along with us. We've already received many congratulations on our win....I guess people just assume we'd be leaning the Obama way! Now we'll wait to see what changes are to come!


Unknown said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your blogs. What gorgeous pics! Politically Dems are in Repubs are out, including Gordon Smith. Makes Mike happy. Glad you guys can keep up! Take care, Hannah

Anonymous said...


We're enjoying the pics and reading about your adventures. We're jealous and truly admire what you two are doing. Be safe and healthy... miss ya guys!

-Tony A