Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mama, We're Coming Home

It's official.... The time has come for the Grand Adventure to conclude. Just over a week left! We'll be landing in Portland on Monday, the 23rd, just in time for turkey and stuffing. Many of you have been asking, so here are the details:

November 23, 2009
Iceland Air Flight FI451
London to Reykjavik

November 23, 2009
Iceland Air Flight FI681
Reykjavik to Seattle

November 23, 2009
Horizon Air QX2047
Departs: Seattle (SEA) on Mon, Nov 23 at 7:00 pm
Arrives: Portland, OR (PDX) on Mon, Nov 23 at 7:50 pm

In an effort to answer the other questions we keep getting: our house is still rented out to tenants through January, with the possibility of extending it further after that. This could be very helpful depending on the job situations, as no mortgage means no problems, right? We will likely be staying with Jeremy's parents until then. We have been kicking around the idea of renting something small and fun (like a loft in the Pearl District - we hear they are a steal these days) in the meantime. Call it an extension of the adventures.

It will probably take us some time to get cell phones dialed in again, so connecting over email will still be our best bet: and Or you can call us at the house at 503-697-7388. I think I have two phone numbers memorized, so call us, we won't be calling you. :)

Once we're settled in and past the jet lag we'll start the job search, so if you hear of anything, let us know. Jeremy is planning to be the guy that cuts down your Christmas tree for you....he won't stop talking about how fun it would be to work at a tree farm for the season! Maybe I'll stay inside and sell hot chocolate and wreaths.

Other than that we are VERY excited about seeing everyone and getting caught up on all that we've missed over the last year. See you all very soon!!!


Chris10 said...

Yeah! We need to plan our next girls night....we have missed you Courtney! Can't wait to see you both again. Have a safe journey home.

Hannah said...

Can't wait to see you for Turkey Day dinner! Put your special requests in now, or just eat what's put before you. You can never go wrong with smoked turkey.