Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bye Bye Bali - Hello Singapore!

We made it through a few relaxing weeks in Bali with no complaints (well, maybe except for the cases of Bali Belly and the head colds, but those are minor inconveniences, eh?). The people in Bali were fantastic, the resorts were amazing and everything was cheeeeeeeap! Good thing we weren't actually heading home or Courtney would have made out with a few new suitcases full of quality knock-off goods. Even so, two packages of amazing artwork and other really cool stuff are on the slow boat back home. Hopefully in 10-12 weeks they'll actually show up. Fingers crossed.

Upon getting into Singapore, it was fairly obvious that we'd hit one of Bali's polar opposites. Gone was the haggling for room prices, souvenirs, beers, taxis and everything else. Here are the posted-in-the-baggage-claim prices to city center via all modes of transportation. I believe we have stepped up a world class. We now have one afternoon of wandering under our belts and Singapore is pretty cool. The city is very easy to get around in and quite beautiful altogether. Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, so things appear to be ramping up fairly quickly to a fever pitch. We wandered through Chinatown a bit today and they are definitely preparing for the big party!

Well, that's the current status. There are recaps on the way for Bali and OZ. As always, it's on the way...

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, just wanted you to know that Dan is in Shanghai until the end of February with Google. Don't know if you're going up that way or are even going to China at all, but you are in the vicinity. It's like Virginia is close to Oregon-it's all the USA! Glad your travels are all turning out well. Hannah